Month: February 2017

Having a Nutritious and Balanced Diet

We are all aware of the fact that a nutritious and balanced diet helps in maintaining a strong and healthy body. A healthy diet also helps in maintaining the health of teeth. A healthy and balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients required by teeth. On the other hand, poor diet consisting of unhealthy food products might be harmful for the gums and the teeth. Taking foods rich in their content of starches, sugar and carbohydrates in excessive amounts can result in the plaque accumulation further causing complete damage of tooth enamel. It is strongly recommended by dentists that people should avoid consuming sugary foods as this helps in maintaining health teeth.

Brushing Regularly

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that brushing regularly is the most significant preventive dentistry practice for maintaining proper oral health. Dentists strongly suggest brushing teeth twice during the day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. This is due to the fact that fluoride toothpaste helps in eliminating plaque from the teeth which can cause gum diseases and tooth decay. Effective cleaning results for the teeth can be obtained by setting the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees close to the gum line while brushing.

Visiting a Dental Specialist

Finally, visiting a dental specialist for regular oral care is the most significant method of maintaining dental health. Several diseases and illnesses can easily be detected when you pay a visit to a dentist.

 Practicing Good Oral Hygiene for Preventive Dentistry

There is not a single individual who does not like to have a bright and beautiful smile. This is the reason why proper oral hygiene is quite significant. Oral hygiene is important not only for children but also for the adults. Children are always taught to take good care of their teeth at a very early age. This is done in order to ensure that they get into the habit of maintaining proper oral hygiene. Preventive dentistry is something that you cannot afford to miss when talking about oral health routine. Preventive dentistry is all about dental cleanings every six months and regular brushing. Basically, it is the practice of keeping the teeth and the gums clean and healthy for a beautiful and nice smile. This also helps in keeping gum diseases, cavities and enamel diseases at bay. Some preventive dentistry practices that can help in maintaining proper oral health are as follows:


A large number of people are well aware of the advantages of flossing but despite this many people are not in the habit of flossing regularly. People generally miss flossing either because of laziness or time constraints. Flossing should be practiced once during the day as it helps in removing food substances and other varieties of detrimental particles that is not possible with brushing. Failing to floss everyday can give way to various dental issues. Flossing helps in cleaning tight gaps completely. These are gaps where the brush bristles cannot reach. Flossing is one of the most effective practices for keeping the teeth healthy.…